About Ken Ippolito

4A real estate investor and property manager with nearly three decades of accomplishments in his field, Ken Ippolito owns and operates RLI Enterprises, a company focused on multifamily properties in and around Canton, Ohio. Beginning his career in food manufacturing, Ken Ippolito eventually became vice president of the Ideal Macaroni Company, where he helped lead the family-owned Cleveland pasta business until 1984. Mr. Ippolito went on to spend 15 years as president of Ideal Realty Company, which he turned into the top apartment-building broker in the greater Cleveland area. While there, he also became head of RLI Enterprises and today maintains a number of multifamily buildings in Canton, including Rachel Woods Apartments, Ridgewood Castle Apartments, Legends Pointe Apartments, and Belken Village Apartments. A Certified Commercial Investment Member, Ken Ippolito upholds the highest professional standards of the real estate industry.

A pillar of the community, Mr. Ippolito has helped numerous victims of fires and natural disasters over the years with free housing and has also provided job training and employment to homeless individuals. This past summer, he was featured in an issue of the Akron Beacon Journal for his efforts to rehouse the residents of Ridgewood Castle after a fire damaged one of the units.


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